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935 Silver

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

935 silver has quickly become one of my favorite metals to work with. It has a higher percentage of silver, is a brighter white and is more reistsant to tarnish and fire scale than Sterling.

What I love most about 935 silver is its ability to fuse together. Instead of soldering, simply join two ends flush, heat the metal until it looks wet, and allow the ends to fuse together. Since this metal flows differently than Sterling, it'll take some practice.

It's important not to touch the piece (like with a soldering pick) while fusing, as this can make the metal brittle. It looks like I've done this in my video, but I caught it in time. I'm still learning this metal myself. If you do touch it, I find letting it cool then refusing solves the problem.

The most amazing thing about 935 is it's ability to repair itself, even with tears. If there's a small fracture, heat the metal to fuse those tears together. You can't do that with Sterling.

Anyway, here's a short clip of some 935 earrings we've made.


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